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 Congress Today
House - meets at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.
Senate - meets at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

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    In the Committees - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    House Hearings:
    • Rescheduled - “Critical Impact: How Barriers to Hiring at VA Affect Patient Care and Access” 210 CAPITOL (2:05 PM)
    • Appropriations - Oversight Hearing: Mental Health Needs of Children in HHS Custody 2358-C RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Armed Services - Shattered Families, Shattered Service: Taking Military Domestic Violence Out of the Shadows 2118 RHOB (2:00 PM)
    • Education and Labor - H.R. 4334, Dignity in Aging Act of 2019 and H.R. 4301, School Shooting Safety and Preparedness Act 2175 RHOB (10:15 AM)
    • Energy - 2123 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Financial Services - Various Measures 2128 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Foreign Affairs - Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis 2172 RHOB (10:00 AM); Meeting the Challenge of White Nationalist Terrorism at Home and Abroad 310 CHOB (2:00 PM); U.S. Interests in East Asia and the FY20 Budget 2172 RHOB (2:00 PM)
    • Homeland Security - “Meeting the Challenge of White Nationalist Terrorism at Home and Abroad” 310 CHOB (2:00 PM)
    • House Administration - Oversight of the Smithsonian Institution 1310 LHOB (9:00 AM)
    • Judiciary - Oversight of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 2141 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Natural Resources - H.R. 182, H.R. 263, H.R. 473, H.R. 560, H.R. 737, H.R. 1023, H.R. 1218, H.R. 1314, H.R. 1380, H.R. 1446, H.R. 2189, H.R. 2245, H.R. 2405, H.R. 2406, H.R. 2490, and H.R. 2819 1324 LHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Oversight and Reform - “Overseeing the Overseers: Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency @ 10 Years” 2154 RHOB (11:00 AM)
    • Science, Space & Tech. - Developing Core Capabilities for Deep Space Exploration: An Update on NASA’s SLS, Orion, and Exploration Ground Systems 2318 RHOB (10:00 AM); The Next Mile: Technology Pathways to Accelerate Sustainability within the Transportation Sector 2318 RHOB (2:00 PM)
    • Small Business - The Role of the SBA’s 8(a) Program in Enhancing Economic Opportunities 2360 RHOB (11:30 AM)
    • Transportation and Infrastructure - “The Administration’s Priorities and Policy Initiatives Under the Clean Water Act.” 2167 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Veterans' Affairs - Business Meeting to Authorize the Women Veterans' Task Force 210 Select one (2:00 PM)
    Senate Hearings:
    • Commerce - Hearings to examine mass violence, extremism, and digital responsibility. SH-216 (10:00 AM)
    • Environment - Hearings to examine improving American economic competitiveness through water resources infrastructure. SD-406 (10:00 AM)
    • Foreign Relations - Hearings to examine United States policy in the Indo-Pacific region, focusing on Hong Kong, alliances and partnerships, and other issues. SD-419 (10:00 AM); Business meeting to consider the nominations of Andrew P. Bremberg, of Virginia, to be Representative of the United States of America to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador, John Leslie Carwile, of Maryland, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia, Anthony F. Godfrey, of Virginia, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia, Doug Manchester, of California, to be Ambassador to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Erin Elizabeth McKee, of California, to be Ambassador to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, and to serve concurrently and without additional compensation as Ambassador to the Solomon Islands and Ambassador to the Republic of Vanuatu, Herro Mustafa, of California, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria, and Adrian Zuckerman, of New Jersey, to be Ambassador to Romania, all of the Department of State. S-116 (01:30 PM); Hearings to examine United States-Colombia relations, focusing on new opportunities to reinforce and strengthen the bilateral relationship. SD-419 (02:30 PM)
    • Indian Affairs - Hearings to examine the Government Accountability Office report on tribal access to spectrum, focusing on promoting communications services in Indian country. SD-628 (02:30 PM)
    • Joint Economic Committee - Hearings to examine gun violence in America, focusing on understanding and reducing the costs of firearm injuries and deaths. CHOB-210 (02:15 PM)
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