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 Congress Today
House - meets at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.
Senate - meets at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, May 4, 2015.
 Breaking News
From washingtonpost.com:
Carly Fiorina begins presidential bid
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is joining the race for the White House."I am running for president," said a message posted to her Twitter account on Monday.Fiorina, 60, has pitched herself as an outsider who can bring a business mentality and global contacts to the White House -- and who is not afraid to attack the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although she has barely registered in early polls, Fiorina has been greeted by enthusiastic, larger-than-expected crowds at appearances in Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation nominating contest.
Does Obama's New York trip offer a glimpse into his post-White House life?
He still has almost two years left in office, but the outlines of President Obama's post-White House life might be starting to take shape.On Monday, the president will speak at the New York City launch of the My Brother's Keeper Alliance, a nonprofit that is spinning off a White House initiative that his administration began in 2014. The trip to Lehman College in the Bronx is the latest in a series of hints from the White House about the president's future plans. Last week, word leaked that Obama's  presidential library is headed for the South Side of Chicago. In recent months there have been signs that his elder daughter, Malia, is looking at colleges in New York City.
The Clintons, a luxury jet and their $100 million donor from Canada
Bill Clinton was planning a charity trip to Latin America and needed a big plane.For Frank Giustra, who had never met the former president, this was an opportunity. The Canadian mining magnate and onetime Hollywood studio owner stepped up to let the former president borrow his luxurious passenger jet. There was just one condition: Giustra would come along for the ride.
Kerry in Kenya, remembering past terror and discussing current threats
NAIROBI, Kenya - Memories of terrorism victims from the past surrounded Secretary of State John F. Kerry on his visit Monday to the site of the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy, one of his first stops in a country still reeling from last month's deadly attacks at a university.
After years of tension, anti-American sentiment ebbs in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - During a dozen visits here since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Montana resident Doug Chabot sometimes stuck a Canadian maple leaf on his bag. Even then, he dreaded the inevitable lectures from Pakistanis angered by U.S. foreign policy.
Huckabee's long and complicated history with the Clintons
To hear former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tell it, there is no Republican presidential candidate better equipped than he is to run against Hillary Rodham Clinton - and he has the battle scars to prove it.
Federal Eye: 'Sammies' finalists honored for impressive work as federal employees
"Sammie" isn't Uncle Sam's nickname, but it does represent him well.The name is short for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal, awarded each year to federal employees with impressive accomplishments. Heyman was the founder of the Partnership for Public Service and served as chairman from its start in September 2001 until his death in November 2009. He also was chairman of the roofing material company GAF Corp. and an astute businessman who understood the need for good government.
The Fix: In presidential politics these days, less (experience) is more
When it comes to political experience and running for president, increasingly, less is more.President Obama was in the U.S. Senate a hair more than two years before he announced his White House bid in 2007, and this year, the first three candidates to announce their campaigns were all first-term senators elected in 2010 or later: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.
Federal Eye: In rural North Dakota, mail service is spotty and federal jobs go begging
With first-class mail in a death spiral, the U.S. Postal Service is shrinking post office hours, closing sorting plants and reducing its workforce.But there's one corner of the country where the mail business has defied expectations, and the Postal Service was woefully unprepared: western North Dakota, where oil was discovered beneath the Bakken Shale formation, the population boomed and the demand for mail service exploded.
Bill Clinton defends foundation's foreign donations and paid speeches
Former president Bill Clinton strongly defended foreign donations to his family's charitable foundation and said that no entity gave the foundation money to try to influence his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, while she served as secretary of state.
Scott Walker heads to Michigan on Monday
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to travel to Michigan to speak at two Republican fundraisers on Monday, continuing his tour of the Midwest ahead of a likely run for president.He won't be the only prominent Republican in the state that day: Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, plans to be in his hometown of Detroit on Monday to formally announce that he will run for president. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is already in the race, plans to be in Grand Rapids for a "Stand with Rand" event hosted by U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).
Ben Carson to postpone first rally to say goodbye to his ailing mother
Ben Carson had just started a stump speech to his staff, the one about freedom, and political correctness and the nation being on a dangerous path when he stopped. He clasped his hands and pressed his forefingers into the bridge of his nose.
Travels with Bill and Frank: A look at the Clinton-Giustra friendship
The friendship between Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra began a decade ago when the two met aboard Giustra's private jetliner. Giustra says he was inspired by the former president's dedication to his philanthropic causes. The two have traveled often together, sometimes meeting political leaders in nations where Giustra has business interests. Here are a few highlights of their travels together.
WorldViews: Israeli soldiers reveal: 'This is how we fought in Gaza'
TEL AVIV -- On Monday, an organization of Israeli soldiers known as "Breaking the Silence" released a report containing testimonies from more than 60 officers and soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces who served during the 50-day war against Hamas militants last summer in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli veterans say permissive rules of engagement fueled Gaza carnage
TEL AVIV - The war last summer between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead and vast areas reduced to rubble. On Monday a group of Israeli veterans released sobering testimony from fellow soldiers that suggests permissive rules of engagement coupled with indiscriminate artillery fire contributed to the mass destruction and high numbers of civilian casualties in the coastal enclave.
Chelsea Clinton highlights plight of elephants on visit to reserve in Kenya
SAMBURU, Kenya - Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, visited one of Africa's most prominent elephant reserves Sunday, highlighting the enormous threat still facing the species, in spite of growing conservation efforts.
WorldViews: Violence erupts as thousands of Ethiopian Israelis protest racism
JERUSALEM - A protest by Ethiopian Israelis against police brutality and general racism turned violent Sunday after thousands blocked a main thoroughfare in Tel Aviv for three hours and later clashed with police in a central square.
WorldViews: Accusations against French troops shine a light on a wider problem for the U.N.
When the Central African Republic stumbled into chaos in 2013, French soldiers were sent to protect the country's most vulnerable people. Now, some of those soldiers stand accused of sexually exploiting children instead of defending them -- and it is only the latest accusation of sexual crimes committed by peacekeeping troops backed by the U.N.
When Mount Everest shook: A minute of horror, hours of panic
At base camp, it was lunchtime. Climbers and their guides ate bowls of thuppa noodle soup and garbanzo beans, plates of buffalo meat, green beans, sponge cake for dessert. The cooks didn't skimp on food, even three miles above the sea in remote Nepal. It was still early in the two-month window for summiting the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest. People played cards, checked e-mail, talked. No one was in a rush.
While most small contractors were sputtering, hers was going from zero to 60
Declining federal spending has forced the Washington-area economy to pump the brakes in recent years, and no companies have been hit harder than those that sell directly to the government. Narrowing it down further, it has been the smallest of federal contractors, those without other lines of work or other clients to fall back on, that have been most vulnerable.
One third of consumers have never checked their credit reports
It's standard personal finance advice that people should check their credit reports to know what loans and debts are recorded under their name - and to make sure there aren't any errors.Yet many people don't actually do it.
Can quantum computing change the world? This start-up is betting on it.
Imagine a computer that could sift through millions of financial transactions in real time to detect fraud or look for signs of insider trading, and do it exponentially faster than the most powerful computers in the world today.
Value Added: Physicist-turned-businessman seeks opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa
Thriving businesses - and the profits, jobs, dividends and philanthropy that accompany them - build productive societies.Matthew Davis is trying to do just that in Africa.The physicist-turned-entrepreneur runs a small, Washington-based investment firm that is channeling money into African businesses, hoping to scale companies, instill the profit motive and create jobs - all while making money for his investors.
Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, dies overnight, family says
Dave Goldberg, the chief executive of SurveyMonkey and the husband of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, died suddenly Friday night, according to a public Facebook post from his brother, Robert Goldberg.
 stateline.org - State and Local Issues

Latest state and local issue stories and analyses from stateline.org and the Pew Center on the States.

States move slowly toward digital textbooks
Despite enthusiasm for digital textbooks at the national level, states have been slow to get on board. But the movement is gaining strength.
Indiana gov squashes vp speculation
TODAY'S TAKE: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is the latest GOP governor who says he's not interested in becoming Mitt Romney's running mate.
Note to readers: A new Stateline is coming soon
Stateline and the Pew Center on the States are launching a new website at Pewstates.org
AZ: Arizona's immigration law gets its day in U.S. Supreme Court
When Paul Clement walks into the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday he's going to try to convince at least five justices that Arizona has an inherent right to enforce federal immigration laws.
NC: North Carolina judge vacates death penalty under racial justice law
In a landmark ruling, a North Carolina judge on Friday vacated the death penalty of a black man convicted of murder, saying prosecutors across the state had engaged in deliberate and systematic racial discrimination when striking black potential jurors in death penalty cases.
NJ: New Jersey drops out of lawsuit against EPA over ozone
New Jersey has dropped out of a lawsuit challenging the White House decision to bypass strict ozone standards that the EPA had recommended as necessary to protect human health.
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    The Way We Tax: A 50-State Report
    The vast majority of state tax systems are inadequate for the task of funding a 21st-century government. Most of those tax systems are also unfair. They break the golden rule of tax equity: collect the lowest possible rates on the widest possible base of taxpayers.
    Governing February Issue
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