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 Congress Today
House - meets at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.
Senate - meets at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.
 Breaking News
From washingtonpost.com:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich up 12 points over Democratic challenger
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), once deeply unpopular, is in a strong position to win a second term, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows.
Israel presses attack; 20 killed at U.N. school
GAZA CITY - Israeli artillery shells slammed into U.N.-run school sheltering evacuees from the Gaza conflict early Wednesday, killing at least 20 people and wounding dozens of others as they slept, according to Palestinian health officials and the U.N. agency in charge of the school.
Investigators again blocked from plane crash site; Ukraine blames rebel mines
KIEV, Ukraine - An international team of investigators abandoned efforts to reach the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine for a fourth day Wednesday because of heavy fighting, and a Ukrainian official said approaches to the area have been mined.
The Fix: Jeb Bush isn't the Hillary Clinton of the 2016 GOP field. Not even close.
There's a tendency in political circles to equate Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush when it comes to the 2016 presidential race. The thinking goes like this: Both are popular members of political dynasties with deep policy and political chops. And, if they both run for president, each has the inside track to be their party's nominee.
She The People: Virginia same-sex marriage ruling reverberates in North Carolina
When a federal appeals court based in Richmond struck down Virginia's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage on Monday, the effect immediately moved southward.
GovBeat: For a fleeting moment today, California will have its first openly gay governor
If everything plays out as scheduled, California will see its first-ever openly gay governor on Wednesday, albeit briefly.
The Fix: Obama's latest political liability: The Israeli-Palestinian clash
President Obama gets mediocre marks for handling of international conflicts flaring up this summer, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. But yet another overseas crisis has emerged as a headache: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
India high court's 'disgruntled wives' ruling tests dowry laws enacted to protect women
NEW DELHI - Roughly 8,000 women in India died violent deaths in 2013 because their families were unable to cough up the demands for more dowry, according to government statistics.
Clashes again force investigators to abort visit to Malaysia Airlines crash site
KIEV, Ukraine - For a fourth day, the international team of investigators on Wednesday abandoned their effort to reach the Malaysia Airlines crash site in eastern Ukraine due to heavy fighting, and a Ukrainian official said the approaches to the area have been mined.
WorldViews: How Anonymous and other hacktivists are waging war on Kenya
Hackers and other cyber criminals on the prowl are wreaking havoc in Kenya, threatening to turn the East African country's dream of launching an e-government into a nightmare.
Russia's central bank vows to support banks hit by new sanctions
MOSCOW - Russia's central bank on Wednesday promised to support banks that have been slapped with new U.S. and European sanctions, a step that could tax the Russian economy in the face of hard-hitting measures designed to punish the country for its actions in Ukraine.
Wonkblog: Economy's growth rate surges to 4 percent in second quarter
After suffering the sharpest contraction since the recession ended, the U.S. economy rebounded this spring, growing at a solid 4 percent annual rate, according to new government data released Wednesday.
When we were small: Whole Foods
Welcome to "When we were small," our series looking back at the small-business years of what became some of the country's most recognizable companies, through interviews with their founders.
The Switchboard: Why a former NSA director thinks he is worth $1 million a month
Published every weekday, the Switchboard is your morning helping of hand-picked stories from The Switch team.
Wonkblog: The appeal of unhappy cities
Happiness is admittedly, incredibly subjective. One person's happiness (from a high-stakes job, a sprawling yard, a set of twins) is another's headache. Even the things that make most of us happy - dessert, puppies - do so in degrees: That cupcake that brings you some joy may make another person's day.
Marriott profit rises 7 percent in second quarter
Profit rose 7 percent at Marriott International during the second quarter, helped in part by strong demand for rooms during soccer's World Cup, the hotel giant reported Tuesday.
 stateline.org - State and Local Issues

Latest state and local issue stories and analyses from stateline.org and the Pew Center on the States.

States move slowly toward digital textbooks
Despite enthusiasm for digital textbooks at the national level, states have been slow to get on board. But the movement is gaining strength.
Indiana gov squashes vp speculation
TODAY'S TAKE: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is the latest GOP governor who says he's not interested in becoming Mitt Romney's running mate.
Note to readers: A new Stateline is coming soon
Stateline and the Pew Center on the States are launching a new website at Pewstates.org
AZ: Arizona's immigration law gets its day in U.S. Supreme Court
When Paul Clement walks into the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday he's going to try to convince at least five justices that Arizona has an inherent right to enforce federal immigration laws.
NC: North Carolina judge vacates death penalty under racial justice law
In a landmark ruling, a North Carolina judge on Friday vacated the death penalty of a black man convicted of murder, saying prosecutors across the state had engaged in deliberate and systematic racial discrimination when striking black potential jurors in death penalty cases.
NJ: New Jersey drops out of lawsuit against EPA over ozone
New Jersey has dropped out of a lawsuit challenging the White House decision to bypass strict ozone standards that the EPA had recommended as necessary to protect human health.
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 Hot Issues In-Depth
Current Issues Election Reform
Information and resources to help you explore election reform issues.

Federel Legislation:
  • H.R. 3295, Help America Vote Act of 2001 (Ney/Hoyer)
  • U.S. House Votes on HR 3295
  • GOP.gov Committee Central - H.R. 3295 Floor Situtation on Conference Report (GOP.gov,10/8/02)
  • GOP.gov Committee Central - HR 3295 Floor Situation (12/12/01)
  • S.565, Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2001 and S 565, Senate Votes.
  • Bipartisan Substitute Amendment to S. 565 - Senate Democratic Policy Committee
  • Election Reform: Senate Amendment No. 2688 to S. 565 - Senate Republican Policy Committee

    Latest News:
  • Colorado Election Workers Are Still Tabulating Votes: 'Provisional' Ballots to Become Widespread Under New Law (Wash.Post,11/15/02)
  • Bush signs election reform bill into law (The Hill,10/30/02)
  • Election Reform Bill Is Passed by Senate (Wash.Post,10/17/02)
  • House Approves Election Reform (Wash.Post,10/11/02)
  • Conferees Reach a Pact On Election Law Reforms (Wash.Post,10/05/02)
  • New Election, Same Old Problems (Wash.Post,09/12/02)
  • New Life For Vote Reforms? (Roll Call,09/12/02)
  • Justice Dept, Fla. Reach Voting Deal (Wash.Post,06/29/02)
  • Democrats Question Handling of Fla. Voting Probes (Wash.Post,05/31/02)
  • Election Reform Passes In Senate (Wash.Post,04/12/02)
  • Prospects dim for election overhaul bill (CNN,03/01/02)
  • Election Reform Bill Stalls Over ID Debate (Wash.Post,02/28/02)
  • Bush Budget to Back Election Reform (Wash.Post,01/16/02)
  • Election Officials Seek New Funds, Not Rules (Wash.Post,01/15/02)
  • House Approves Election Overhaul (Wash.Post,12/13)
  • Election Reform Gains In Both Chambers (Roll Call,12/13)
  • House passes election bill: Debate marks year anniversary of Supreme Court decision (CNN,12/12)
  • Agreement Reached on Election Reform Bill (Wash.Post,11/15)
  • Gore, White House dismiss election report (CNN,11/11/01)
  • A Year After Contested Election, Few States Have Made Changes (Wash.Post,11/06)
  • Report Finds Flaws In Election System: House Judiciary Committee Democrats Support National Voting Standards (Wash.Post,08/21)
  • Report Urges Expanding Federal Role in Elections: Task Force Recommends Guidance, Not Mandates (Wash.Post,8/10/01)
  • Election Report Delivered to Bush: He Lauds 'Key Principles'; Democrats Call It Lacking (Wash.Post,08/01)
  • Report: Illinois's Election the Most Problem-Plagued (Wash.Post,07/29)
  • Study Finds Millions of Votes Lost (Wash.Post,07/17)
  • Study Finds National Voting Disparity (Wash.Post,07/09)
  • Pentagon Will Revise Military Voting Procedures (Wash.Post,06/23)
  • Getting Out the Vote, Electronically Despite Problems With Cost and Errors, New Machines Are Getting a Close Look (Wash.Post,06/13)
  • A Long Road for Election Reform? (Wash.Post,05/9)
  • Florida Lawmakers Approve Election System Overhaul (Wash.Post,05/05)
  • House effort to create bipartisan election panel fails (CNN,03/29)
  • Senators hear election system called antiquated (CNN,03/07)
  • Internet Voting: A Web of Intrigue? (Wash.Post,03/07)
  • Election Coverage Burned to a Crisp: House Grills Networks' 'Beat the Clock' Approach (Wash.Post,02/15)
  • House in Dispute Over Election Reform Panel (Wash.Post,02/15)
  • Election Panel Back on Track (Roll Call,02/08)
  • House Members Vow to Aid State Voting System Changes (Wash.Post,02/06)
  • Reform Panel May Be DOA (Roll Call,02/01)
  • Election Reform Gets Push From Bush, Congress: House Leaders to Create Special Panel (Wash.Post,01/25)
  • No E(asy) Cure: Electronic voting won't fix butterfly ballots, dimpled chads or W.'s presidency (Scientific American,02/01/01)

    News Special Coverage
  • THE CONSORTIUM REPORT / A Review of the Florida Vote (Wash.Post)
  • CNN.com In-Depth Special: Florida Ballots Project

    Congressional Committees
  • House Administration
  • House Democratic Caucus Special Committee on Election Reform
  • House Judiciary
  • Senate Committee on Rules and Administration

    Administration Statements
  • Remarks by the President on Federal Election Reform, 7/31/01

    Key Groups and Organizations:
  • National Commission on Election Standards & Reform - National Association of Counties
  • National Governors Association
  • National Conference of State Legislatures - Elections Reform Task Force
  • FEC - About Elections and Voting
  • Federal Election Reform Network
  • The Voting Integrity Project
  • Alliance for Better Campaigns

    Other Resources:
  • NASS Election Standards Task Force recommendations
  • Remarks of Deborah M. Phillips, Chairman, The Voting Integrity Project On the Introduction of The Election Reform Act of 2000
  •  Governing.com - State and Local News
    The Way We Tax: A 50-State Report
    The vast majority of state tax systems are inadequate for the task of funding a 21st-century government. Most of those tax systems are also unfair. They break the golden rule of tax equity: collect the lowest possible rates on the widest possible base of taxpayers.
    Governing February Issue
  • Assessments: Alan Ehrenhalt on living with "lifestyle centers"
  • Potomac Chronicle: Donald F. Kettl on the states as beggars
  • Technology: Thomas R. Davies on outside resources for new IT leaders
  • Tax Talk: David Brunori on the principles of sound tax policy
  • Economic Development: William Fulton on how a city's size affects its competitiveness
  • Environment: Tom Arrandale on the risks of weakening longstanding laws

  •  White House Update
    White House schedule information and recent statements and news releases.

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