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Amash, Justin (I2 - MI)
Armstrong, Kelly (R16 - ND)
Armstrong, Kelly (R17 - ND)
Clay, Wm. Lacy (D3 - MO)
Clay, Wm. Lacy (D4 - MO)
Cloud, Michael (R10 - TX)
Cloud, Michael (R9 - TX)
Comer, James (R9 - KY)
Comer, James (R8 - KY)
Connolly, Gerry (D7 - VA)
Connolly, Gerry (D6 - VA)
Cooper, Jim (D5 - TN)
Cooper, Jim (D6 - TN)
Cummings, Elijah (D1 - MD)
DeSaulnier, Mark (D17 - CA)
DeSaulnier, Mark (D15 - CA)
Foxx, Virginia (R3 - NC)
Foxx, Virginia (R4 - NC)
Gibbs, Bob (R11 - OH)
Gibbs, Bob (R10 - OH)
Gomez, Jimmy (D19 - CA)
Gomez, Jimmy (D21 - CA)
Gosar, Paul (R2 - AZ)
Gosar, Paul (R3 - AZ)
Green, Mark (R16 - TN)
Green, Mark (R15 - TN)
Grothman, Glenn (R7 - WI)
Grothman, Glenn (R8 - WI)
Haaland, Debra (D24 - NM)
Hice, Jody (R6 - GA)
Hice, Jody (R7 - GA)
Higgins, Clay (R12 - LA)
Higgins, Clay (R11 - LA)
Hill, Katie (D11 - CA)
Jordan, Jim (R1 - OH)
Jordan, Jim (R1 - OH)
Keller, Fred (R18 - PA)
Kelly, Robin (D16 - IL)
Kelly, Robin (D14 - IL)
Khanna, Ro (D18 - CA)
Khanna, Ro (D20 - CA)
Krishnamoorthi, Raja (D7 - IL)
Krishnamoorthi, Raja (D8 - IL)
Lawrence, Brenda (D16 - MI)
Lawrence, Brenda (D18 - MI)
Lynch, Stephen (D5 - MA)
Lynch, Stephen (D4 - MA)
Maloney, Carolyn (D1 - NY)
Maloney, Carolyn (D2 - NY)
Massie, Thomas (R5 - KY)
Massie, Thomas (R4 - KY)
Meadows, Mark (R5 - NC)
Meadows, Mark (R6 - NC)
Miller, Carol (R14 - WV)
Miller, Carol (R15 - WV)
Norman, Ralph (R12 - SC)
Norman, Ralph (R13 - SC)
Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D3 - DC)
Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D2 - DC)
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria (D22 - NY)
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria (D20 - NY)
Plaskett, Stacey (D19 - VI)
Plaskett, Stacey (D17 - VI)
Porter, Katie (D23 - CA)
Pressley, Ayanna (D23 - MA)
Pressley, Ayanna (D21 - MA)
Raskin, Jamie (D8 - MD)
Raskin, Jamie (D9 - MD)
Rouda, Harley (D9 - CA)
Rouda, Harley (D10 - CA)
Roy, Chip (R13 - TX)
Roy, Chip (R14 - TX)
Sarbanes, John (D11 - MD)
Sarbanes, John (D13 - MD)
Speier, Jackie (D13 - CA)
Speier, Jackie (D15 - CA)
Steube, Greg (R18 - FL)
Steube, Greg (R17 - FL)
Tlaib, Rashida (D24 - MI)
Tlaib, Rashida (D22 - MI)
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (D10 - FL)
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (D12 - FL)
Welch, Peter (D14 - VT)
Welch, Peter (D12 - VT)